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Character of Gilgamesh

Analysis of the Character of Gilgamesh
In the epic of Gilgamesh, there are many complex characters.Every character involved in the story has there own personality and traits.
The main character in the novel is Gilgamesh.Gilgamesh is a character that is very self-confident.He feels that he is superior to others, due to the fact that he is two-thirds god, and one-third man.This arrogance leads to his being cruel at the beginning of the story.Gilgamesh is described as, a two-thirds of him divine, one-third human… Gilgamesh does not allow the son to go with his father; day and night he oppresses the weak… Gilgamesh does not let the young woman go to her mother, the girl to the warrior, the bride to the young groom (tablet I, column ii, 1, 12-13, 27-28).Gilgamesh is a man with no equal, so he feels superior.
Although Gilgamesh starts out cruel he develops into a very kindhearted man.He is extremely supportive of Enkidu and encourages him in various situations.When the men are fighting Hubbub Gilgamesh says, a [you] will surpass all of them… a friend who knows battle understands fighting… stand, friend, we will [go up] together (tablet IV, column vi, 29, 31, 37).Gilgamesh also exhibits his sensitivity when Enkidu dies.He says, aFor Enkidu, for my friend, I weep like a wailing woman, howling bitterly… an evil has risen up and robbed mean (tablet VIII, column ii, 2, 6).As a result of Enkiduâs death, Gilgamesh also shows that he is afraid of death.Gilgamesh denies the fact that he too will die one day.He goes on a quest searching for immortality, which ends up being pointless.Through these actions Gilgamesh shows that he is denying the fact that he is mortal.At one point he says, at the fate of mankind overtook him [Enkidu]… in fear of death I roam the wilderness… me, shall I not lie down like him, never again to move (tablet X, column ii, 3, 8, 13-14).These thoughts result