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Character Study of Andy For the Movie The Shawshank Redemption

Andy was a great example of conversion.He really had goals and kept to them for years.He was a hard-determined person to achieve freedom.He was living a great life as a banker, and knew his profession well.He had everything going for him, except his true love.He had suspected his lover was cheating on him, and one day he caught her in the act.He went to get drunk and then came back with a gun.Bad thoughts came into his mind.He didn't follow through with this act, but someone else did.The situation showed that he had done it because of the brandy bottle with his fingerprints, he had the same kind of gun that matched the bullets used, and that it was a situation where he would be furious.The courts found him guilty and gave him a life sentence.After being sent to jail and being innocent, hefirst began to accept that he was in jail, and that there was no way to change it.After getting the rock pick and knocking the rock off the wall when he was trying to carve his name, he realized that getting out was a possibility.This scene was the place where he had a major cross over.Then, he set out to gain his rightfully earned freedom.He finished off his crossing over when he realized with when he was sitting by the wall in the courtyard with Red.He said, "You have to get busy living, or get busy dying."This scene made us think that he was going to hang himself, but instead he chose the road to living.I believe that Andy had some major new responses to life and himself.If he was never convicted, he would not of learned what he had learned.He found that it is a cruel world out there and he had it good.He had changed how he saw the world and people around him.He found out how to set serious goals, and keep up with them for years and years.In the real world as a banker, he most likely had everything provided for him with all the money he made.In prison, he had to learn how to get things …


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