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Characteristics of Achilles

Achilles was also very selfish. He asks his mother, the goddess Thesis, to ask Zeus to strengthen the Trojan while weakening the Greeks. He wants Agamemnon and the Greeks to realize how much they need him. The turning point is when Patrols, Achilles’ beloved cousin and friend, borrows Achilles’ armor and is killed in battle because of it. At this point, Achilles’ rage becomes the rage of revenge and love. His capacity for such personal loyalty complicates the vision of a simple hero looking for keels. Achilles is a person who is capable of great anger

He is arrogant in that he thinks that he is bigger than the entire war that the Greeks are having, If Agamemnon is going to take Bribers, Achilles is going to be too arrogant to help the Greeks. Finally, he is loyal at least to his friends. He fights and kills and eventually dies to take revenge for Patrol’s death, Ultimately, he is willing to sacrifice everything else so that his name will be remembered. Achilles – The son Of the military man Pulses and the sea-nymph Thesis. The most powerful warrior in The Iliad, Achilles commands the Myrmidons, soldiers from his homeland Of Path in Greece.

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At his birth, his mother had dipped him in the Styx, so that all parts of his body are invulnerable to hurt except the heel by Which she held him. A young man Of great beauty, strength, courage, and skill in battle, he nevertheless possesses two tragic flaws, an imperious will and a strong sense of vanity. Enraged because King Agamemnon orders him to surrender the maid Bribers, whom Achilles had taken as his own prize of war, he quarrels bitterly with the commander of the Greek forces and withdraws from the battlefield, When the Trojan host attacks, driving the Greeks back toward heir ships, Achilles remains sulking in his tent.

So great is his wrath that he refuses to heed all entreaties that he come to the aid of the hard-pressed Greeks. When the Trojan begin to burn the Greek ships, he allows his friend Patrols, dressed in the armor of Achilles, to lead the warlike Myrmidons against the attackers. Patrols is killed by Hector, the Trojan leader, under the walls of the city. Seeing in the death of his friend the enormity of his own inaction, Achilles puts on a new suit of armor made for him by Hyphenates and engages the Trojan in fierce combat.

Merciless in his anger and grief, he kills Hector and on successive days drags the body of the vanquished hero behind his chariot while King Prima, Hectors father, looks on from the walls of the city. When the sorrowing king visits the tent of Achilles at night and begs for the body of his son, Achilles relents and permits Prima to conduct funeral rites for Hector for a period of nine days. In a later battle before the walls of Troy, an arrow shot by Paris, King Prism’s son, strikes Achilles in the heel and causes his death.


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