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Charater Analysis of Winterbou

A Character Analysis of Winterbourne in James
The story of Daisy Miller is about the social upheaval of the late nineteenth century as the growing American wealthy middle class tussled against the European aristocracy. It also shows how Winterbourne never fully understood Daisy Miller because his class-consciousness and greed got in the way. The latter is what I intend to develop in this paper.
Winterbourne is a young American man that has "lived in Geneva so long that he had lost a good deal; he had become dishabituated to the America tone." Winterbournefirst meets Daisy in the garden of Vevey. He quickly deducted that "Miss Daisy Miller was a flirt-a pretty American flirt." Winterbourne is quick to befriend this beautiful American girl. He even wants to introduce Daisy to his aunt. It is during thisfirst conversation between Winterbourne and his aunt that Winterbournes true character begins to be drawn out.
Mrs. Costello dislikes the Millers. She believes they are common and that Daisy is a "dreadful girl!" She refuses to meet Daisy. Winterbourne listened to all this and once tried to standup for Daisy stating, "she is not, after all, a Comanche savage." In the end, his aunt helps him make up his mind that Daisy is "rather wild."It is at this point, that we begin to see Winterbourne’s opinion of Daisy change from one of acceptance to one of condemnation as his tolerance of cultural standards is clouded by the prejudices of the European aristocrats (Mrs. Costello). Mrs. Costello represents the aristocracy that is so prevalent throughout this story. She has a great deal of control over Winterbourne. It appears clear that she holds the purse strings.However, Winterbourne is still charmed by Daisy and he continues to defend Daisy to the aristocracy, claiming that she is just ;uncultivated; and is truly innocent.
A couple weeks later the Millers go off to Rome, …


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