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Charector Analasys Into the Wild

There have been many judgments made about Chris McCandless many of these judgments have been made inthe last paragraph of the authors note. These judgments vary somepeople admire his courage. However many people believe that he was incredibly reckless for his actions. There has been an overwhelmingnumber of circumstances thathave shown that McCandless was reckless with his actions. There has also been situations that show McCandless has beenextremely naive to believe that he could possibly be entirely self sufficient. Throughout his adventures McCandless has shown time and time again how he has blind to the real world McCandless has been stuck in his own world. His own world has proven to be fatal.
Chris McCandless has shown to the world his reckless abandonment through his adventures. This raises the question how can a person be so crazy to be quit frank. There has been many situations that show this, for example who In their right mind would aimlessly get in a car with a stranger on many occasions for example McCandless has gotten into the car witha number of strangers one of these strangers being Jim Gallien. Jim had been driving along a highway when he seen no other than McCandless. McCandless was hitchhiking witch is not only dangerous it is illegal. It had been snowing when McCandless had been aimlessly walking down the highway. Jim Gallien states "He didn't appear to be very old: Eighteen, maybe nineteen at most. A rifle protruded from the young mans backpack". this clearly shows that McCandless has been extremely dangerous with his actions he went as far to carry a counseled weapon. This is not actions of somebody who should be looked at as courage's and admirable. McCandless should be looked at idiotic and dangerous not only to himself but dangerous to the people he encounters as well.
McCandless as an individual on the other hand can be looked as a confusing individual he has a sense of …


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