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Chasing Amy

Framing is a vital part of the film making process. It sets the mood, brings
attention to sutleties, and can show us the real intentions of a character.
example, would the scene with the famous shot from between the legs of Mrs.
Robinson in the movie The Graduate be as memorable if it instead showed a
up of Dustin Hoffman as he entered the room? Or the final shoot out in The
The Bad, and The Ugly.Would there be more impact with an American shot of
Clint Eastwood? The answer is obvious, of course not.The Kevin Smith
masterpiece, Chasing Amy, follows those memorable scene’s by showing the
evolution of the two main characters, Holden (Ben Affleck) and Alyssa (Joey
Lauren Adams), relationship from friends to lovers with framing and other
“Cinematography- The art or technique of movie photography, including
both the shooting and the development of a film,” (American Heritage, 159) but
you probably have not even noticed it.Cinematography has existed for as
film has, but it has not really been considered an art for until the late
1940’s.It can be used in many different forms, artistic expression,
belief’s, or even used to satire pop culture.Chasing Amy follows this
cinematography with showing the relationships of Holden and Alyssa change into
“Chasing Amy is a romantic comedy about people who write comic books
for a living whose most passionate conversations can involve the sex lives of
Archie and Jughead,” (Ebert, 138) and is the third installment of Smith’s “New
Jersey Trilogy”.”The New Jersey Trilogy” consists of two other films as
The critically acclaimed Clerks and the not so critically acclaimed,
“Clerks had been over-praised, Mallrats has been over-bashed, third time’s the
charm,” (View Smith said on his website.
The movie stars Ben Affleck as Holden McNeel, an aspiring comic book
artist who falls in love with another comic book artist, Alyssa Jones (J…


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