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But I'm A Cheerleader
Most movies about lesbians and gays show some kind of confusion in their characters, whether it be they themselves or their "straight" friends and/or family.+"But I'm A Cheerleader" was a corny comedy. *The main characters were confused and unsure about their sexuality; the plot was directly to the point; the humor was corny.
I think that the homosexual characters were confused because their family and friends had sent them to a place called "True Directions." This is suppose to be like a rehab for alcoholics but instead for homosexuals. "True Directions" main goal is to convert their nasty homo tendencies into normal heterosexual lives. Right off the bat they are forced to admit that they are homosexuals whether or not they believe they truly are gay. Megan, one of the so-called "raging bull dikes" is unsure of her sexuality and feelings. Marry, the director of "True Directions" says "Its a long path to righteousness Megan, and its a battlefield of temptation out there and until then you will have to fight." This caused confusion for Megan because she was not yet ready to believe she was a dyke. I mean after all she was a cheerleader.
I believe that the plot was "straight" to the point. All throughout the movie, the "True Direction counselors" teach/say that homosexuality is wrong. Megan has been told by her parents that if she chooses the gay lifestyle, they cannot condone it, nor will they allow her to remain in their household. There are two counselors for true directions one for the boys and girls. The counselors make them do training activities to help them become heterosexual. Mike, an out-of-drag Rupaul Charles, says "If I catch you looking at another man like that, …


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