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Child of the owl

This chapter starts out with Casey visiting Barney in the hospital. A few days before, Barney had been beat up by "some losers"(5) in an alley because he just won lots of money racing horses. Barney tells Casey that he won't be out of the hospital very soon, and that he wants Casey to go and live with her uncle Phil. Casey doesn't want to, but soon submits to Barney, because that's the only thing she can do for him now. She goes to live with Phil the Pill, but doesn't last long. Phil despises the attitude that Casey uses with him and his family, so he sends her to live with Casey's grandmother Paw-Paw. Casey and Paw-Paw get along fine, but Casey isn't used to Chinatown, and all the people there. She realizes that she is one of them, but yet she feels alone.
Paw-Paw enrolls Casey into a Catholic school that has an hour of Chinese class everyday. Casey got along okay before Chinese class, but when that started, she found out that it would be hard. Casey didn't understand any or the Chinese everyone was speaking, and the teacher thought she was stupid and also accused her of cheating. After that, Barney called Casey and told her to meet up with him. They talked, and Casey found out that Barney had started gambling again, and that he owed the bookie a lot of money. Barney then told her that they still had to wait awhile before they could live together again. Casey went home alone, and Paw-Paw came home soon after. Casey starts crying, and Paw-Paw asks if she feels alone inside. Casey is surprised that Paw-Paw knows, so Paw-Paw shows her the owl charm and tells her the owl story. After she hears the owl story, she no longer feels alone.
Casey becomes curious about her mother, Jeanie, and asks Paw-Paw about her. Paw-Paw talks a bit, and then invites Casey to go see a Chinese movie. After watching two movies, Casey starts to appreciate the Chines