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Chocolate War1

Jerry Renault is a Fourteen year old kid who goes to Trinity High School where the school is practically run and owned by the school gang called the Vigils. Most of the kids in the school are in the Vigils. A school tradition is to send non-Vigil students off on crazy “assignments” that are made to annoy the teachers and to give the Vigils a good laugh. One day, Jerry gets an assignment from the Vigils. It is for him not to participate in the school chocolate sale for ten days, and then start selling them. The vigils want him to do that because the head of the school Brother Leon, bought an extraordinary amount of boxes and if anyone doesn't sell them, Brother Leon will get very worried since it is so crucial for all of the chocolates to be sold. So Jerry does what he is told and doesn’t sell the chocolates for ten days. When the eleventh day comes, Brother Leon is in a good mood since he knows that Jerry is supposed to accept the chocolates, but when he goes down roll call and asks everyone how many chocolates they have sold, Jerry says that he STILL won’t sell the chocolates! This really shocks everyone. Then many of the students follow his lead and stop selling the chocolates. Then when Brother Leon sees the drop in chocolate sales, he calls Archie, the leader of the Vigils, into his office. He asks him to help support the chocolate sale. Archie agrees to help him out. So Archie goes back to the Vigils and tells them to all sells chocolates. Then all of the other students think that it is the “popular” thing to do. All of a sudden, the number of sales of chocolates skyrockets. Now, Jerry seems like a rebel against the whole school. So then Archie convinces Jerry to fight a Vigil member named Emile. Archie organizes the fight and he organizes it so that the whole school will be there watching. In the fight, Jerry gets knocked out and Brother Leon comes in and stops the fight. Jerry then admits to Goober that he was all wrong an


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