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Christianity in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Christianity is one of the main themes in Toni Morrison’s novel
“Beloved.The Song of Solomon and other biblical passages figure into the
text very strongly.Much of what Morrison talks about in her novel are
situations that have dealt in the past with estrangement.Most of these
relate to hostilities that have come about between Christians and Jews.By
discussing these things she is alluding to the hostility and pain that has
been between blacks and whites based on slavery and racism.Even the
epigraph in Morrison novel is a reference to the New Testament.It is
likely not a coincidence that a beloved female and the male speaker are
involved in this reference.Not only does Morrison show that her beloved
black people should be aligned in the same way with the early Christian
martyrs she also makes an attempt to expose the hypocrisy that belongs to
white Christian Americans and to show how it ties in with the hypocrisy of
the Pharisees in the past.She also deals with how blacks who are free
have basically set up worship services that they want to go to and these
are not the same as those in the Christian church or organized white
society.This is an analogy to the early Christians because the Jewish
people would not accept Christians as being part of God’s plan or a part of
his beloved people so the Christians set up religious observances that were
Morrison points out that this is what black individuals have done as
it relates to the white Christian Church in America.One of the strongest
symbols of this in the book is Baby Suggs.She is a black woman and a
preacher who shows the contrast between many of the white men who head up
the Christian Church.She heads up a black service which chooses to meet
on the outside of the town in the forest.While Baby Suggs is preaching
she talks about Christianity and how the white people do not live the way


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