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Chrysalids Chapters 11-16

Part @ The events start off hear when I distress call is heard from Petra. She connects to the others through the thought shapes and the gang rushes over to help her. She is found lying down and her pony dead and being eaten by a creature. They shoot and kill it. Suspicion among the town is created on how they all heard her form so far away. Petra is taught about the thought shapes. Time moves on and they find out Katherine and Sally have been taken prisoner and they must flee at once. The protagonist David, and Petra and Rosalind set off away from town. Eventually trouble comes with the antagonist. They come face to face with a horseman that was after them and are forced to kill him. This all leads to people of Waknuk to chase them becoming the antagonists. Petra's thought shapes from Sealand continue as they learn more about them. They pursue their quest to the fringes, being updated by Michael on the Waknuk's search parties whereabouts. As they get into the Fringes they are captured. We find out the spider-man is David's uncle and another antagonist of the novel. He takes Rosalind and Petra prisoner and kicks David out. David finds Sophie and stays with her. Sophie pulls off a mission and rescues Rosalind and Petra.
Part B: I am enjoying the novel very much so far. Right now it is cause of all the action that is going on. The excitement of them being in the fringes, enemy territory holds the suspense of what might happen to them. Anything could happen there and it draws me to read more.
Part C: A character that I've taken a liking to is Michael. He is being very brave and very helpful to his friends. He's brave that he joins the party who is actually hunting people of his kind to get info on what they are doing so he can pass it on to them. He's showing that he cares for the others and will be of great help.
Part D:A message that is being put across in this section is the idea of being a tea