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Cinema Paradiso

Film can be an extremely powerful medium, and can introduce themes and issues to a wide variety of audiences on many different levels.The director carefully constructs the way in which the film is seen on screen, in order to best display these themes and create and idea in the audiences mind as to what they should assume, know and think about.In the film Cinema Paradiso, director Giuseppe Tornatore uses a range of film techniques that perfectly establish his main ideas.More specifically, in the opening of Cinema Paradiso, Tornatore uses film techniques to introduce ideas that will be built on, referred to and foreshadowed throughout the entire film.
The way in which the director sets up the frame of the film, plays a crucial part in the establishment of main ideas.In essence, it gives the audience a feeling for the action of the film – so that the audience feels as if they are part of the film.This is important as it makes it easier for the actors to connect with the audience on an emotional level.In Cinema Paradiso, there are many emotional events that create tension – this tension is critical, as it can be used to highlight key points of the plot or theme.Specifically in Cinema Paradiso, Tornatore uses frame positioning to help the audience feel a connection, or disconnection, with the specific characters – This is clear when Salvatore is introduced.When we see Salvatore on screen, he is always in the background or insignificant.This is perhaps indicating that he is disconnected, or lonely in some way, as it is hard for the audience to build up an emotional closeness with him – thus building up the idea that money and success does not necessarily mean a fulfilling life.When Salvatore arrives home to his large Rome apartment, he is shown as insignificant when compared to the large architecture and elaborate furnishings.The camera then shows shots of the bedroom, in which Salvatore's gir…


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