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Citizen Kane

To this day the film Citizen Kane holds the title of the greatest film
ever made. This is partly due to the ground braking film techniques that Orson Welles uses but it is also due to the allure of the films main character. Charles Foster Kane remains one of the most fascinating characters of all time because of his great complexity. By no means was
Kane a simple man, there are many dualities that make up Kane's characterization. One of the most fascinating of these dualities is that Kane can be seen as a man who never grew up but at the same time he is a man who never really had a childhood.

At a young age Kane's mother sent him away to live with Mr. Thatcher. Although she was doing this with Kane's best intentions in mind the act can have harsh effects on a child. When the one person who is supposed to love you and take care of you no matter what just ships you off, as a child you feel abandoned and unloved. Because of his mothers action Kane is not able to emotionally grow up. He actions can

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be compared to that of a spoiled child. When he wants something he gets it. He is only concerned with himself and how his image looks. This becomes obvious in the scene when Susan has to go to the extreme of attempting to kill herself in order to be allowed to stop singing. He is
constantly looking to be loved by someone but does not know how to show love back. Emotionally Kane is a man who has never grown up.

One of thefirst shots that appear in the film is an extreme close up of Kane's lips whispering his dying word; Rosebud. Rosebud turns out to
be a sled from Kane's childhood. It is ironic that a man who had so many materialistic possessions, at death wanted something so trivial as a sled. It is also ironic because the one thing Kane loved was so simple but he
expressed his love towards others by buying them extravagant and complex things. Kane never really had a childh…


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