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Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is known to many people and film critics as a top 10 film of all time.This film directed by Orson Welles in 1941, made one word famous for the rest of Hollywood forever, “Rosebud”.As we get into the film, the subject that the story is based on dies only speaking one word before his death, rosebud.Rosebud becomes a mystery of the main characters life, for the rest of the film.What significance does this one word have with this mans life?As we find out more about the life and times of this character (Charles Foster Kane), through a news real we get a quick overview of his life.We discover that he built a huge palace of his own named Xanadu, he has been married and divorced twice, he was even a politician for a while.After the news reals, we meet a young reporter named Thompson, he becomes hooked on the mystery of Kane’s last word “Rosebud”.Through a series of flashbacks we get a more in- depth look into the private and public life of Citizen Kane.
While we were watching this film I got overwhelmingly tired, and fell asleep for a few character interviews that faded into a flashbacks.As I awoke and regained interest in the film I quickly discovered that the main character was a important man in American society.He is a well known millionaire, that owns a number of businesses’s including a news paper, that he bought for a kind of hobby I think.As we watched hisfirst wife and him begin to separate over the years by sequence of dinner conversations,we notice that the table gets longer and there is little to no conversation between the two.This depicts the how his personal life is much weaker than the appearance that he tries to show.As he gets older and remarries again, he is almost reborn in a way.Things are back to normal and he seems content with the life that he is living presently.For his new wife he would do anything, including


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