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Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane has been voted the best movie of all times. This movie was compared to all of the other great movies that have been made and for many reasons it has stood out to be number one. The reasons that Citizen Kane has been said to be the best movie of all times is because of the cinema techniques that were used, and not so much the plot or setting of the story.
The use of shadows in Citizen Kane were very good. Shadows were used to enhance the mood of the movie or to help you get the feeling that the characters are going through. An example of using shadows was when three men were in the room talking and two of the men were shadowed and the one in the middle wasn't. This made you feel as if the man that was not shadowed was very important.
The editing in Citizen Kane was also very good. The editing is very precise and is almost impossible to notice. They are only noticeable if you know that they are coming up and still they are nearly impossible to notice. An example of this great is when the camera is going through the sign at the beginning of the movie, this edit takes place when there is a bright flash of light and then the camera appears on the other side.
Transitionary dissolves were a very large part of this film. When the movie goes from one clip to the next the transitionary dissolves take place. This is when the movie shows two clips at the same time and then slowly moves into the next setting. A great example of this is when someone in the movie is having a flashback or a dream, the clip begins with a close up of the character and then dissolves into their flashback or dream.
Another reason that Citizen Kane is said to be the number one movie of all times is because of the deep focus shots. The director used the deep focus shots to show the audience the setting and surroundings. An example of this was when the setting changed to a new place that was shown for thefirst time and lets you ge