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Clan or the Cave Bear

A Patriarchy is the power of the fathers. Passed on through generation to generation. Social, ideological ideas in the political system in which men by force direct pressure through ritual, tradition, law, language, customs, etiquette, education, and the division of labor that determine what part women should or shall not play. In which the female is everywhere subsumed under the male.
Ayla posed direct opposition and insolent disobedience to the leaders of the clan; Brun
and the Mo-gur, she still could not persuade them to treat her as their equal. She was far
stronger than Broud, She could hunt far better than the men could, which endangered her
life because hunting with a slingshot was a feat that women were not allowed to do,
hunting was the sole province of men of the Clan of the Cave Bear.
“When she heard Brac scream, she didn’t think of the consequences, she just reached for her sling, quickly grabbed two pebbles, and hurled them.”
Men celebrated the archaism (the imitation of the old or obsolete tradition) of there clan.
The leaders of the Clan of the Cave Bear had great reverence for the patriarchy of the
family. Father son relationships were very important, this relationship helped reinforce the
child’s rank, taught him to hunt, the coming of the manhood ceremony.
“…he was past his 11th year and his manhood ceremony had been held.”
All of these things shaped the males character.


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