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Clever Manka

The story "Clever Manka" by Anonymous is a brilliant tale of showing the love story between two completely different people. Within the story, a judge banishes his wife for breaking an agreement. She may take with her the one thing she values most. She drugs her husband and takes him with her. On waking, the judge acknowledges that his wife is much wiser than he and appoints her judge of the town. Points that will be reviewed in the essay include Manka outwitting her husband; the burgomaster was too caught up in his ego, as well as Manka had made a game of her marriage with her husband. In life, the cleverness of an everyday civilian can overcome the greatest of threats to penetrate the weaknesses of their opposition.
Manka outwitted her husband and imaginatively forced him to follow her lead. She was able to go around town and listen to what the townspeople were having problems with and assist them in striving towards settling their differences. After giving them much needed advice, she came up with a plan that allowed them to go to her husband, and prove him wrong in several matters. By not only forcing her way into winning arguments, her husband literally did not have a chance against her superior intellect. It seemed as though no matter how hard he tried; there was no possible way he was going to win an argument against Manka.
Manka's husband was so caught up in his ego that he ignored and even attempted to abolish his wife's creative views. The burgomaster was the judge in town and he appeared to be almost power hungry in his role throughout the community. Almost a tad teaspoon of sexist prowess appeared in his attitude as well. He seemed threatened by his wife almost because she was a female and he did not see anyway that he could possibly let her make some of the decisions for the community. Manka even showed signs of possibly working with her husband at one point but instead had to work against him due…


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