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Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a book written by Anthony Burgess, it is about a young man and his 3 friends Pete, Georgie and Dim who do a lot of violence, drinking and sex.The book is based around the main aspect of free will versus government control in an orderly society.Free will is a better idea to base a society around because in the human nature to settle down and have offspring like shown in the last chapter of A Clockwork Orange.
First off, free will is a better choice to run a society around because it gives a person more control of their life. Once Alex finally gets caught by the cops he gets very religious and the priest of the prison church starts to like him and lets him pick out the music during mass. Alex asks him one day about something he had heard around the cells about a new way to serve time and get out early. The priest doesn't know much about it at the time but later on lets Alex meet with the doctor who made up this experiment and they let him be thefirst one to try it out.
"Now, there is a form here to be signed. It says that you are willing to have the residue of your sentence commuted to a submission to what is called here, ridiculous expression, Reclamation Treatment.'Will you sign? Most certainly I will sign'" A Clockwork Orange page 92
In this passage out of the book it shows Alex free will to comply with the government.This is one reason why given free will you can still run a society.
Next, a reason to govern by free will the fact that humans were made to reproduce and create offspring. Once Alex is freed from his reclamation treatment and then beat up by cops he goes back to a home where he killed a woman and left her husband and he invites him in and lets him stay and is very nice to him. It is not till later that he found out they were going to try to kill him.In the last chapter we learn that Alex has passed his old days of violence, drugs and sex and now has a need f…


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