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Clueless is a modern day film based on the novel Emma by Jane Austin. The film includes the themes teen love, appearance, social class and friendship. There are 2 main characters in the film, thefirst is Cher, she is a rich teenage girl living in Beverly Hills and the second main character is Josh; who is her stepbrother who has come to stay. The film is about Cher trying to match make the new girl at Cher's school, Ty, so that she will become popular, however in doing this Cher doesn't realise that she is only making herself and Ty unhappy. The main issue of the film is Cher's journey to self-knowledge and understanding about herself and how other people, particularly Josh, try to help her get there. Cher is constructed as rich, beautiful, she lives in a nice house, is popular and incredibly clueless. The audience is positioned to responds to this construct by liking Cher from the beginning. It is often argued that the film Clueless has had great impact on the teenage generation.
The opening two scenes in Clueless established Cher and her place in the world. Thefirst scene showed all of Cher's friends, her house and her jeep. Having all these things flashing in a montage the audience feels that they know what the story is about quickly at the beginning. During the montage the camera used tilt up shots, looking up at girls sunbaking on the rocks, these make the character look superior, and they used medium shots and also used almost every type of shot because this gives a wide view of the things in Cher's life. This scene constructs Cher as a rich, selfish upper class girl. The opening scene in the film is set to the song Kids in America and Cher and her friends are a perfect match for the song. Cher and her friends are all good looking in this scene and the characters also all have nice clothes and therefore the audience is positioned to like them. The audience has been positioned to respond


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