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Coach Carter Morality

The movie " Coach Carter" is all about morals. It is loaded with true life examples of choosing right over wrong and living a good life the way God wants us to. The movie is about an inner-city high school basketball team made up with a bunch of tough guy trouble makers and the only thing they live for is playing basketball. When Coach Carter accepts the coaching job at the high school , he makes all the players sign an agreement that they will maintain good grades and study habits during the season. He threatens the players with push ups and suicide sprints if they do not follow through on their agreement. Later in the season , Coach Carter finds out that the players on the team have been slipping in their grades and he decides to suspend the games and lock up the gym. The parents of the players are all upset with Coach Carter because they believe that basketball is the only thing that is keeping their sons off the street and out of trouble. However, Carter doesn't give in and stays strong with his decision. Although the players might not have enjoyed this decision at that time, it did teach them a long term lesson of having good morals. Obviously Coach Carter cared enough about his players to realize that academics are more important than playing a sport. Not only did he coach them in basketball but he also coached them in life. He made them understand that basketball wasn't going to get them through life, but having a good education would. Carter new all his boys had the potential to be good kids and to really get far in life, and I believe that this decision was the best thing for them. In a way, I think that the players on the team could represent the "anawim" and Coach Carter could be God. The players were not heading down the right direction until Carter stepped in and showed them the way that it had to be. He watched over them as God would and made sure that they would make th


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