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Codi & Hallie Noline

Comparing & contrasting the characters Codi & Hallie Noline
In the novel Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver, the characters Codi and Hallie Noline reveal many diverse personality traits. Codi and Hallie are sisters who were born and raised in Grace Arizona by their aloof father Doc Homer.Although Codi and Hallie shared the same upbringing, when compared they have minimal similarities, while their differences seem abundant.
Even though Codi and Hallie were sisters the similarities between the two appear to be absent.Because of Doc Homers lack of good parenting, and the event of the girls losing their mother at a young age, they did not have any female or parental influences in their lives.For this reason, the girls became dependent on one another.Codi and Hallie shared the same childhood memories and the same social status. "Grace formed its opinions of Hallie and [Codi] before [they] grew permanent teeth"(p.13).In high school, they "were known as the ________ sisters"(p.?) because they were both very tall.
Aside from Codi and Hallie's few similarities of being physically alike, they have numerous differences.They seem to be two halves of a single person, as their names suggest."Halimeda, which means "thinking of the sea"… and… Cosima, [which] means…"order in the cosmos""(p.13).With symbolism in mind, this can be directly related to sky and water, or the moon and the tides.When Hallie goes to Nicaragua to save the crops, Codi is jealous because she knew that Hallie was happy doing it.Codi is so obsessed with what Hallie is doing, that she can never be happy with herself.This is what is holding Codi back in life.Hallie helps others out of goodness while Codi did "try to go into medicine, which is considered a helping profession, but [she] did it for the lowest of motives"(p.36).This demonstrates how Hallie has a soft heart, and Codi d…


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