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Coming to America

Social class in modern society is a very interesting topic to explore.
There are many ways to understand concepts that describe class, but I believe the best way in doing this is by comparisons through movies. I believe one of the best movies that distinguishes social characteristics and relates social theories on class is Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. The movie is about an African prince who comes to Brooklyn in search of an American bride who will love him for who he is, rather than for his wealth and royal status. He poses as a poor bus boy in a restaurant in NY. He falls in love with his bosses daughter, but his boss is rich and thinks he is poor so he doesn't want them to become a couple. He wants her to marry some rich man from a wealthy family.
This movie shows how people use SES, or socioeconomic status to make class judgments. Such as when her father believes the prince is poor, uneducated, and has no occupational prestige he thinks he is not good enough for his daughter, as soon he find out he is a wealthy prince he thinks he is the best guy in the world. Atfirst the father would only see the prince at work, so he assumed he was of lower class, because he worked at a fast food restaurant and that is also not a prestigious job, but a prince on the other hand is a prestigious add a long, it's like having dr. before your name, and if you're a prince wealth is associated along with your name. This is based on the objective approach of class.
Many people also believe certain groups of people are poor like for example single mothers. Race and social class are also said to have close ties.Even though 2/3 of all poor people are white it is said the percentage of poor in minorities is disproportioned, according to Second Edition Sociology, by Linda L. Lindsey and Stephen Beech,11 percent of whites are poor but 26.5 percent of blacks are poor. The movie also illustrates this, bu…