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Commentary on Oscar and Lucind

Commentary on Oscar and Lucinda

The passage from the novel, Oscar and Lucinda is a narrative, descriptive piece of writing describing in detail Oscar's experience of visiting a glass factory/business.Oscar is surprised to discover beauty and wonder in the manufacturing process of glass; however this infatuation and deep admiration of glass could be a reflection of his admiration for the owner of the glass factory.The passage is written in third person, but readers engage in Oscar's thoughts and feelings through the author's use of expressionism. Although Oscar and Lucinda was written in 1988, it is set in the past.This is apparent from the "oxen droppings" in the street as well as the fact that men are used to manufacture glass bottles and not machinery, "man had made his body comply with the needs of manufacturing". The structure of the passage shows a noticeable change in imagery halfway through, from natural scenery to foul and dirty images of a factory.

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The passage starts with a lighthearted, humoristic tone. We are introduced to Oscar, as he is seen by other men.These men consider him to be an "odd bird" and they laugh at his "comic figure", but "not maliciously" This conveys to readers, that Oscar is a likeable character with unusual ways, or just unique qualities.He is not like other men and this is accentuated even more by his movements or actions, "he leaped across the puddle, waved an umbrella, jumped to avoid some oxen droppings". The image suggests, that he is a happy, lively person, however his behavior is slightly childish, and it is possible to assume that he is not very macho or manly.From line six onwards, the focus is directed on Oscar and his various feelings, the tone consequently becoming somewhat more serious.With the line "Oscar felt he had op…


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