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Commitments Essay

Fame and success in the entertainment business will reveal the worst in some people. Conceit is one of the main attributes of these few. In the film version of Roddy Doyle's "The Commitments" by Alan Parker, the egotistical attitude of the band members is a direct result of the vast amounts of praise showered upon them by an adoring public, that in turn gives the members the feeling of supremacy. There are various examples in the film, as well as in Hollywood. Although all members of the band displayed some degree of self-absorption, several severe egotistical attributes are shown in the behaviour of; Deco Cuffe the lead singer; Dean the sax player, as well as the film star, Jim Carey.
Deco Cuffe, the leader singer, acts condescendingly to his band members and his thoughts of superiority are quite evident in the way he speaks throughout the movie. In the beginning of the film when the manager of the Band, Jimmy Rabbite, asks him to sing for the band, he is timid atfirst, and then agrees. As the band practices more, and everyone applauds Deco's talents, he seemingly becomes more self-involved. He has a mind set that he is "irreplaceable". At their last performance Deco announces that he has an offer to sing for another band with a record deal. When the band members react in a cynical way to the news, he defends himself by saying. "I have my career to think of". This statement implies he is saying that he is better than the group, therefore deserves the finest. He seems to think that he is a "superstar". He demands that when he comes off stage he "wants a proper towel not a tea towel, and bottle of mineral water." He also makes the comment, "Wilson Pickett and Deco Cuffe, together at last" Making an inference that he is as great as Wilson Pickett, a renowned soul singer, that finally the two greatest singers will be united. Deco Cuffe is the ultimate example of ego…


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