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Communication and Culture in the Matirx relaoded

The Matrix Reloaded is a film within the science fiction genre which leaves the audience skeptical of our world and surroundings. It places an emphasis upon'what is reality'. The Matrix Reloaded is the second installment of the Matrix trilogy which follows the struggles of humans who are fighting for their freedom from a machine dominated society.

One of the many promotional posters from the movie Matrix Reloaded is the image that has been chosen to conduct a commutation test.The syntagm within the poster which is the main promotional poster for the movie, has three main characters they are positioned centrally and are facing forward creating a natural focal point for the poster. The hazy smudge around the main characters emphasizes this focal point once again drawing the eye to the main characters. The green computer code running down the poster creates the illusion of being within the Matrix and considering Matrix Reloaded is the second film in the trilogy it can be assumed that the audience will relate to the meaning behind the code.
The three main characters body language reflects a strong unified front that is ready to take on anything that gets in its way. This is reflected by the expressions on their faces and through their stance which is slightly off centre. This stance is a typical base fighting position with one foot slightly behind the other suggesting that the characters must be ready to fight at all times.

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The paradigm colour is used heavily in this poster, green is throughout the entirety of the poster as it is the colour that all matrix code is written in. The other dominant colour in the poster is black which the main characters are wearing. The use of black as the major colour in the characters clothing reflects the current themes in fashion as well as a reversal from the typical'white is good black is bad' theme that appears on a regular basis within film.

The overall structure …


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