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Comparative Essay on The Moonstone and The Great Gatsby
A novel is a classic when considered to be historically memorable, and has lasting interest or significance. It can also be called "classic" if it is thefirst of its kind, or includes special literary or historical associations.
When The Moonstone wasfirst published, T.S. Elliot touted it as "thefirst, the longest, and the best of all English detective novels". The Moonstone is a sacred Hindu diamond, stolen from India, and is bequeathed to Rachel Verinder on her 18th birthday. However, on the night of the party, it vanishes. The reader finds out in a dramatic turn of events if the jewel was in fact stolen, or merely lost.
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins is thefirst English "whodunit" novel. Published in 1864, it is the forerunner of later whodunits, such as by famous author Agatha Christie. This in its own makes The Moonstone a classic novel, thefirst of its kind.
The novel is also very skillfully set out. Collins tells the story in narratives by many different characters with their own separate personalities and perspectives, as opposed to the simpler idea of one main narrator or a third person view. This allows the reader to have multiple viewpoints of the same events. Seeing the various views in which the reader is privy to, there seems to be no motive to steal the diamond, therefore making it harder to suspect a single character. This keeps the reader's interest on the story and plot development.
The classic Victorian English stereotype is best portrayed by Gabriel Betteredge. In times of need, he refers to Robinson Crusoe, a novel relating to British imperialism. He sees everything non-British as foreign and evil. For example, he views the un-British-like outbursts by Franklin Blake as "foreign gibberish". He is also reluctant to do anything he doesn't understand, as with the laudanum experiment Erza Jenn…


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