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Comparative Writing Task

We have studied two texts, throughout this year, written by John Marsden and Anthony Hill. The two texts are Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden and Soldier Boy by Anthony Hill. In this task I will be comparing these two texts.
Uniquely, the two texts both deal with war and are also Australian. In Tomorrow When The War Began Australians are invaded, on Australian soil. Soldier Boy is mainly about the trip to Gallipoli and Gallipoli itself. In both texts, however, they show how terrible war is even though one is true and the other imaginative. The difference between how the texts deal with war in a different fashion is that in Tomorrow When The War Began, Australia itself is the victim and is being invaded, whereas in Soldier Boy the Australian's are the invaders. Soldier Boy is based on World War One and Gallipoli, but Tomorrow When The War Began is imaginative. The characters in Tomorrow When The War Began are not soldiers but in fact teenagers but in Soldier Boy they are real soldiers which go through military training and are part of a regular army. For example, Jim Martin from Soldier Boy is part of the 21st battalion. The texts are different because one is a work of fiction and one is a work of non-fiction.
The two texts differ in purposes for various reasons. Soldier Boy was written about World War One and war tradition. Tomorrow When The War Began is set in a couple of years in the future.John Marsden's purpose is to entertain young adults and he writes for fun. Anthony Hill writes for a wide range of people, it is not to entertain but to inform us about Gallipoli life and what war was about. John Marsden creates suspense, while Anthony Hill wants to convey a message and stick to the facts. John Marsden writes to entertain, and his book is about how terrible war is and it is a good read. Soldier Boy is informative about war and it is not set out for entertainment values.


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