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Compare 3 Stories

The storeys that I will be righting about all have children in. The pieces I have decided to Wright about are The living, Through the tunnel, A message from the pig man. Through the tunnel is written by Doris lessing it is about a young boy of eleven how goes on holiday with his mum. This piece is also about the boy struggling to be accepted and grow up. The living is written by Mary Lavin it is about two boys how try to prove to each other how grown up they are by visiting a wake. The story is about boys trying to out do each other. A message from the pig man is written by Jhone Wain and it is about a young boy of age about six trying to come to terms with his mother and father braking up and how his imagination runs wild and how he learns to face all his fears.
All three pieces are about young boys and how they face a problem and childhood. The boys in each piece seem to have loving parents and they also seem to love them a lot this is shown by each character. As in A message from a pig man you can see the boy loves his father as he says "so long as it left the spare room free for dad to sleep in". He says this as he wants his dad to stay with him and his mum but his parents are getting divorced so his dad is moving out but Eric loves him and does not want him to leave. This shows us that Eric is to young to understand why his dad must move out. Eric's father also loves him, as he wants to make him happy so hey bys him a train set. This is also shown in Through the tunnel as you can see that the mother loves her son as she tries to let him grow up by letting him go to a beach on his own. You can see that see worries by the way see thinks to her self and the questions she asks for example " of course he is old enough to be safe with!
out me" and " have I been keeping him to close". The boy also loves his mum as he checks on her regale to see that see is still there and that she is safe. The lo…


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