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Compare & Contrast of Memento& Memento Mori

The beginning of the two pieces are different; in the short story Earl is the name of the main character, and he wakes up in some type of institution.In the film Leonard is the name of the man character, and he is flashing back of what had just at that moment happened.But he wakes up in a motel room, dressed kind of disoriented.
The lifestyles of the Earl was also a bit different, but not to in depth.Leonard's lifestyle in the film was more luxurious; he drove a Jaguar XK8 and wrote a suit that he had stolen off of a dead man.Before that point he was driving a truck and wore just normal clothes.In both the short story and in the film they both had a wade of cash.
The tattoo's where also different from the film then in the short story.Earl had a tattoo of a man face on his chest. He also had backwards writing on his chest.In the film, Leonard didn't have a tattoo of a man's face on his chest.Leonard had writing across his chest and some of it was backwards.The details of the tattoos varied from the film to the short story.In the film they showed every tattoo that he had gotten.He had numbered his clues, in the film. In story they only spoke about three to four tattoos.
The ending of each piece in completely different, in the film it just ends in the film after he kills the killer;"Teddy" John Edwards Gammell.In the story, I think it is interesting how in the story is paint's a good picture what had just happened after Earl had killed what he believes is the killer.It in the story the writer almost gives you a choice on what you would like to happen.Either he is in a taxi or in a police cruiser.
In the film when Leonard killed "teddy" he almost didn't know what to do after that.It seemed like there was nothing left for him to live because he had gotten his revenge on his wife's killer.After Earl had killed the killer he was searching for a…


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