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Compare/contrast 'On The Black Hill' with 'Long Distance'

'On The Black Hill' – Novel
'Long Distance' – Poem
Possibly the poem is a lot more concentrated, as poems are never as long as novels. 'On The Black Hill', is a lot less concentrated than'Long Distance'.
A poem has to distil that essence of everything, in less space than a novel.
A prose is a concentrated version of the above.
In each extract there is a son, and in each extract, the son's try to come to terms with their parent(s) grief.
In Long Distance I think that Tony Harrison, at least, begins to come to terms with the death of his parents, where as, in On The Black Hill there is no acceptance.
'Long Distance' and angry, but there is a need/wanting of sympathy.
On The Black Hill is full of guilt, though there is a sense of lover there.
In'Long Distance' and'On The Black Hill' they are ashamed of showing how they are dealing with the deaths.
Tone (On The Black Hill) Sombre, in thefirst part, though seemed to get more so as the text goes on.(Sombre – Depressing)
In'On The Black Hill' the story ends with the image of a museum.Generally, museums are solely focused on the past, which is where the son's are still living – no progress.
In'Long Distance' the poem ends with death.Both extracts lack life, though both give a feeling of finality, sad, though an ending is given.
'On The Black Hill' is fairly lyrical, more so in the central part of the extract.It could be rearranged into poetry.Although it is lyrical, it is quite sombre underneath.
I find'On The Black Hill' to be more mocking.It uses quotations in full conversations, e.g. "Yes", "No" etc conversational, though when read, it can sound quite comical and light hearted, although there is a feeling that underneath we see how the mother must have been feeling and h…


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