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Comparing Brutus and Anthony in Julius Ceasar

There are many similarities and differences in the way that Brutus and Antony speak to their audience in their orations. In these orations, Antony and Brutus try to connect to the audience and saw them to believe what they themselves believe in relation to whether Caesar should have or should not have been slayed.
Brutus approached his audience using a sense of superiority, which he credited to his feeling of loyalty towards the Romans. He began his oration by addressing the crowd with, "Romans, countrymen and lovers" (53) showing his order of priorities. In modern terms, he is saying people with patriotism towards Rome followed by people who work within in the country with friends being put last. This makes the speech much more impersonal, therefor having less affect on the people. On the other hand, Antony addresses his audience in a more personal manor. He says, "Friends, Roman, countrymen" (55) making him seem like one of the men, as tough he is friends with all. Another contrasting point is in Antony's approach toward his audience. He weeps and shows emotion to let the audience know that he is no better than they are, he has feelings and emotions in which he is not ashamed to show. However, Brutus spoke to the audience with an heir of superiority. He neither wept nor showed another other emotion to let the common people know that he is not a man of stone. Rather, he kept attempting to justify his actions and in doing so did not allow him to truly connect with his audience.
There were many similarities between the way that both Brutus and Antony spoke in their orations. They both utilized the power of repetition in order to effectively convey a point. Brutus did so in continuously saying that Caesar was ambitious and saying that ambition affected his ability to rule. Antony mocking used the word "honorable" (55,56,57,58,59) in describing Brutus and the conspirators. When using those words …


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