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Comparing Odysseus and Norman

"By hero, we tend to mean a heightened man who, more than other men, possesses qualities of courage, loyalty, resourcefulness, charisma, above all, selflessness,"(Zweig) is what Paul Zweig said in 1974.Mr. Zweig defined a hero as someone who has courage, loyalty, resourcefulness, charisma, and selflessness more than the average person.In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus displays characteristics of a hero, especially his charisma.In Sphere by Michael Crichton, Norman has heroic attributes, especially with his resourcefulness by using objects on the ship in times of need.Both Odysseus and Norman are characters who strive for a set goal, and thus display definite heroic attitudes, while both handling themselves in different ways.
First, Odysseus and Norman show distinct differences in the way they approach people.Norman is a shy person when he handles himself in front of his crewmates.While speaking with Beth, he expresses his view on the creature that is terrorizing them.Beth, realizing Norman's passiveness, attacks his ideas.The other members of the crew notice Beth's harshness, and some sided with the soft-spoken Norman.The attribute of being shy when he talks to people was not, in fact, a weakness, but a distinct strength.This strengthens his support because it makes people more comfortable with him as a regular person without major motives, although this is not always true.On the other hand, Odysseus is a person who people feel comfortable with because of the confidence in his voice.When he is in Phaecia, he speaks of all his adventures up to that point in his attempt to relate to the people that he is speaking to.In his charismatic story telling, he becomes very popular with most of the citizens.Due to the bonds people feel with him, he parts with many fine gifts, finally heading home.Odysseus and Norman use different persuasive techniques to be persuade people t


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