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Comparing the Horse Dealers’ Daughter and a Rose for Emily

How death affects everyone differently, as seen through D.H. Lawrence;s The Horse Dealer;s Daughter and William Faulkner;s A Rose for Emily.
Death is the end of life. Every living thing dies, but human beings are probably the only creatures that can imagine their own deaths. When someone dies the people closet to them are over come with sadness. Some people find comfort in death. They believe that when you die your suffering ends. People who go through the death of an important person in their life often feel like a part of them has also died. You can choose to let this experience alter and shape the rest of your life or you can overcome it and continue with your life. In A Rose for Emily and The Horse Dealer’s Daughter , Mable and Emily experience the death of their father.
In A Rose for Emily, the main character Emily experiences a hard coming change. After being the only man in her life Emily’s father dies and she finds it hard to let go. It took three days for the doctors to be able to dispose of his body. She kept denying for three days that her father had died.The townspeople didn;t think she was crazy for doing so. ; They believed she had to do that. Theyremembered all the young men who her father had chased away, and theyknew that with nothing left she would have to cling to that which had robbed her.; (Faulkner Pg.75)
EMily’s father didn’t let her date. He took away any chance she had to meet a man. He felt that ; none of the young men were quite good enough for Miss Emily.; (Faulkner Pg. 75) She spent her life taking care of him in that old house. She wasn;t allowed to experience and enjoy the pleasure of being in the company of men. Emily was thirty when her father passed and was still single. (Faulkner Pg. 75) In a way her father;s death was liberation for her. She could begin to date and court men of her choice and liking. Her father couldn;t chase them o…


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