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The pieces of literature "A Fable for Tomorrow" and "Poisoned Water" are

related to each other in many ways. One thing that they share in common is the theme of

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pollution. They tell about how pollution has affected the environment in many ways. In

thefirst work, "A Fable for Tomorrow", the people lived in a beautiful place filled with

life. Birds flew around chirping, animals roamed happily, everyone wanted to live there.

The environment of this wonderful place gradually started to worsen. You can say the

place started to decay. People as well as this animals had started to die. These deaths

were unexplained. The people in the town did not know why or how these events were


In the work "Poisoned Water", insecticide which was sprayed in an area away

from towns and people. The exact spray called DDT was found in fish tissue at places

which had no record of insecticide spray. Observations had showed that the spray was

traveling through ground water. This is how the fish became infected and died.

In both of these works, one can assume that the people were destroying their

environment. Both of these works talked about animals suffering death and people being

infected with diseases. The people in both pieces were polluting and contaminating their

environment and they didn't even know it or bothered to care. Then later on they had to

suffer the consequences for their carelessness.

As shown, both writings share the common idea of people destroying their

environment. These works related very distinctively that you can be able to say that the

cause in "Poisoned Water" could havebeen an affect in "A Fable for Tomorrow"….


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