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Comparison and Contrast of Prometheus Bound and Frankenstein

Comparison/Contrast between Aeschylus's "Prometheus" and Shelly's "Frankenstein"
"Modern Prometheus," commonly know as "Frankenstein," is the complete title to Mary Shelley's novel, in reference to the Greek myth involving Prometheus, a deity.The novel, the title being quite fitting, uses major themes involved with the Prometheus mythology for and against the moral she created.Themes such as isolation and loneliness were used as well as elements of fate and father-son relationships.
In "Prometheus Bound" and "Frankenstein," the protagonists are very alike in many ways.They created life, stole and got punished for what they did.Prometheus was a clever deity and a master craftsman who had the gift of prophecy.He created man from the spark of heaven for the purpose of creating a noble being, nobility that many Gods abused.He taught man the many crafts that were necessary for man's survival. He enlightened man so that they would not have to do their own work.Prometheus taught man astronomy, to know seasons and animal domestication.He gave them language.He instructed his creation on how to build carriages and ships.He also gave them powers of medicine, soothsaying and extracting metals from the earth.He teaches them the beginning of civilization and changes their lives completely. But man lacked one crucial gift, that of fire.Fire was sacred to the Gods.Prometheus was unable to bestow such a grant to man because Zeus, the cardinal God, denied it.Prometheus, loving his creation considerably stole the fire and concealed it in the stem of a plant. Prometheus who gave men every art and every science finally gave them fire.Knowing that there would be consequences to his actions, the protagonist sacrificed himself.Zeus, discovering this act, has Prometheus chained to the rocks of a desolate mountain named Mount Caucasus where a vult…


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