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Comparison of Catcher in the Rye to David Copperfield

Comparing Catcher in the Rye to David Copperfield, especially thefirst few paragraphs, leads the reader to conclude that there are a remarkable amount of similarities as well as some very discernable differences, in the two stories.The content of both passages is the setting or tone for the stories as they begin to develop.
In Copperfield, the author is describing his life as it began along with the fact that certain individuals took notice of him, even from the initial birth.The character in the Rye, on the other hand, took care to inform the reader that there were people in his life that, to a certain extent, cared very little of what happened (or would happen) to him.His thoughts on the matter are that his parents seemed to be very superficial, and in all actuality he could have gladly left them out of the story.
Copperfield held to the conventions of neighborhood life, expounding on the nature of the old women in the neighborhood who had predicted several months before he was even born, that he would be unlucky, which only showed the interest generated by the upcoming birth.
Catcher in the Rye, on the other hand, downplayed the possibility of the character ever interacting with anyone on anything more than a very casual occurrence, and in fact gave the impression (at least in thefirst few paragraphs) that the character would not even know how to interact with anyone of importance in his life, unless it was on a very superficial level.Whether he garnered that attitude from his early upbringing, or it was something that he had thrust upon him in later life, it seemed as if he was very shallow in his thinking, as compared to in David Copperfield, when the character seemed very interested in his early life and how those interactions affected him later….