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Comparison of Poe Stories

Edgar Allen Poe is arguably one of the greatest and most renown writers and poets of his time, and of all history.His unique and sometimes disturbing style of writing captivated all audiences across the world, from adults to children.Poe had various themes that ran throughout many of his stories.His themes ranged from insanity, murder, concealment, madness, to premature burial.
I compared the two stories " The Tell Tall Heart" and the "The Black Cat", they
are somewhat similar in theme, but have many differences. Both of the Stories were
written in the 1840's and frightened their audience, because no one had ever seen a style of
In both of these stories Poe writes the story from the perspective of the murderer.
In "The Tell Tall Heart " he writes it from the perspective of the narrator who kills the
old man. In "The Black Cat" he writes it from the perspective of the narrator again. The
narrator was a alcoholic and he ended up killing his cat and his wife.
There is also a theme of concealment in both of these two stories. In "The Black
Cat" at the end of the story the narrator swung a axe at his cat and by accident he hit his
wife. He buried her in between the walls of his basement. In "The Tell Tall Heart" the
narrator plans out to murder the old man he took care of. The old man had a eye that
resembled a vulture. The narrator hated the eye, it haunted him, so to get rid of the eyes
he killed the old man. He buried his body underneath the floorboards of his house.
In both stories the police came to investigate and question the narrator. In "The
Black Cat" the cat got the narrator caught by the police. The narrator had left the cat
inside his basement walls with his dead wife. When the police came to his house, the cat
starting scratching the walls and making moaning sounds. The police tor


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