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conflicting personalities

The characters in John Knowles' "A Separate Peace" contain personalities that convey to summer and winter session. Summer session represents livelihood, care free, being happy, and just having fun. While on the other hand, winter session represents a depressing atmosphere, more solemn, studying hard, and somberness.
Gene is a quiet, soft spoken, and intelligent introvert. First, Gene excels in academics, while Finny exceeds in sports. This is shown when Gene says, "It was thefirst test I had ever flunked" (42), after ditching class and riding there bicycles to the beach with Finny. This shows how Gene is a very intelligent young man, who has never failed a test once, before that incident. In addition, Gene is withdrawn and always feels that he has to impress Finny. He cannot speak up for himself when he feels compelled to. The reader sees this when reading Genes' thoughts, "I went along, I never missed a meeting. It never occurred to me to say,'I don't feel like it tonight,' which was the plain truth every night…'We're off, pal,' Finny would call out, and acting against every instinct of my nature, I went without a thought of protest"(26). This reveals the fact that Gene cannot stand up for himself. He goes along with others even when deep down inside, he does not want to. Lastly, getting good grades and being the best student does not come easy for Gene. This is seen while Finny talks to Gene and says, "I didn't know you had to study, I didn't think you ever did. I thought it just came to you" (50). This shows that what he's good at doesn't come natural to him like Finny. He has to work hard to achieve his goal.
Finny is the most popular, athletic, and outgoing student in Devon School, although he is not so good in his studies. This notion is supported as Finny plays the role of being the carefree leader that he is. Gene …


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