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Connecting with the Community

Stolen Summer: Connecting with the Community

The movie, Stolen Summer is a film that highlights the idea of connecting with the community. A little boy allows his family and another family to connect with each other and the surrounding community.
The movie is about a large Catholic family with several sons and daughters who live in one home, and survive off the basic things.They do not get extras, and even the father hates to admit that he cannot even send his oldest son to college.The parents send their children to a private Catholic school, where they are taught by nuns and learn to live without sin.One boy, Pete, gets himself into a lot of mischief at school, and is constantly misbehaving in class.The nuns constantly reprimand him and tell him that he will go to hell if he keeps his behavior on a constant level.Pete decides that he must go on a quest to redeem himself in the eyes of God, and he chooses to convert Jews to Christianity.Atfirst, Pete tries to make a lemonade stand in front of a synagogue.He tries to sell it for free and lend people Christian advice at the same time.Although he had bad luck with this, he was still very persistent.While he is marketing his Christian lemonade, Pete meets Rabbi Jacobson.Although a lot of the Jews in the community find the lemonade stand offensive, Rabbi Jacobson feels that this will be an enlightening experience for Pete O'Malley. Pete's father is a firefighter.One day while at the Christian lemonade stand, Pete is joined by one of his older brothers.They hear sirens and see Rabbi Jacobson abruptly run to his car and speed away in the direction of the sirens.It turns out that Rabbi Jacobson's home was caught on fire with his son, Danny, and the synagogue's secretary as Danny's babysitter inside the house. Luckily, Pete's father, Mr. O'Malley, hurries inside and rescues the son before the home collapse.Unfortunately, th…

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