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In the book Fences by August Wilson the father and son relationships are not beneficial to either party. The sons in this book are treated as a responsibility towards their father. Troy Maxon, the main character, did not have a relationship with his father, which reflects on him now with his two sons. This is finally understood why Troy treats his sons only as a responsibility after reading to the middle of the play where Troy tells the story of his father. His sons both have dreams to become something that they love doing. Troy explains to them it is not possible because they are black. Troy would like for his loved ones to live practical and responsible lives. The relationship between Troy and each of his sons are both very different but also, in a way, are very similar to the relationship between him and his own father.
There was no relationship between Troy's father and his children. Troy observed as a young child that the only thing his father cared about was "for you to learn how to walk so he could start you to working." (49) he did not care about anything else even the amount of food they received as long as he got what he wanted. Troy's father only fulfilled his responsibility to take are of Troy and his siblings. The men are represented as the role models of the family. His children need to learn this at a young age by their father figure.
Troy and his oldest son, Lyons, did not have a relationship for a long time because of Troy's misfortune of being in prison. The only time Lyons sees his dad now is on Troy’s payday to ask for money to help him make a living. Lyon;s dream is to become a jazz musician. He has had a hard time making a living without any promising income. He wants to do something that will make him get out of bed in the morning. Troy believes this is not possible dream because of being black and to get a job worth spending time on. Troy tells his son ;You living the fast l…


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