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Connections between 3 stories

Are there any connections between the past three stories we read?The stories are "To Build A Fire", "A White Heron", and "The Shipping News".In stories, I think you can always find some kind of connection, whether it be a miniscule little detail, or the plots of the stories are the same.In these three stories the connection I see is that the main character in each seems as though they are going to keep blubbering on in the world.In the end of each, these characters bring a peace of mind to the reader in that you know what happened to them for the most part.
In "To Build A Fire" the man seems as though he's just going to keep on walking in the endless cold.He's just going to keep on saying to himself, "It really is cold out".Or, he's just going to keep on beating his frozen hands off his legs to get some feeling back in them.And, he's just going to keep on building a fire when the numbness in his limbs gets to be too unbearable.Finally, when he builds the second fire, it is put out by and avalanche of snow from the tree's branches above.Then, his appendages get too numb to grasp at grass to start another fire, or to even kill the dog and keep warm in its carcass. So, he runs and runs, and gets the blood moving a bit, and after a while accepts the fact that he is going to freeze to death.With this new serenity, he gives in to the drowsiness associated with a person freezing to death, and drifts off to the eternal peace that awaits him.
In "A White Heron", Sylvia is a little girl who does nothing during the day except for to search around for her wandering cow.The cow hides among bushes and wanders around all day, and at the end of the day, Sylvia comes in search to take the cow home to be milked.She watches birds and animals all day long, and befriends a lot of them.Then comes along this


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