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Contrasts between Douglass and Chopin

Douglass and Chopin, both well respected figures of literature, have different styles of diction and detail.Edna often felt dragged down by religion, and as time goes by she learns to express her disregard of the traditional duty of the clergy.The traditional set-up of the church in those times, was only for show, and there was a lack of depth in a person's service.Edna fell into this trap but she learned, as time went by, that there was something else to yearn for, and after this did she proceed.In the beginning Edna was quick to defend her status in the church with defenses such as "I was a little unthinking child in those days, just following a misleading impulse without question" (VII).Madame Ratignolle had asked her if she was still running from prayer and Edna quickly responded and defended her service to make sure her service in the church was well respected.Edna needed that security and that blanket of protection in order to feel wanted and cared for by something of importance.As time goes by, however, Edna loses this resolve, this passion for religion and it soon becomes a nuisance for her."A feeling of oppression and drowsiness overcame Edna during the service.Her head began to ache, and the lights on the alter swayed before her eyes" (XIII).This new feeling towards religion has freed Edna of the dull monotony that church oppressed people with.The average church bores the person into obedience, but they have left no torch of light inside a person's heart, no burning desire to search out their God through sincere prayer.Edna has awakened to realize the pointless duty of attending church and has come to realize her spirituality through other methods, those of God, not those created by the hands of man.
Searching out the ways of nature brings about several questions about the supernatural and things not understood by man.When a person opens up their mind to…


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