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Contributory Factors to Passing Licensure Examination

However, CIC is now facing difficulty in providing more licensed teachers due to varied factors. For quite sometimes, the college entrants for teacher education were becoming inferior in quality compared to other degree programs in the college which eventually lead to lower passing percentage in the Licensure Examination for Teachers. With the abovementioned situation, the researchers find it necessary to conduct a study to determine the contributory factors to the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) performance among 2008 education graduates of CIC.

Eight factors, namely: 1. ) curriculum; 2. ) practicum; 3. school facilities; 4. ) administrators; 5. ) teachers; 6. ) peer; 7. ) family; and review class were initially identified as contributory to one’s performance in LET. Personal profile variables of the respondents were also considered as other factors affecting LET performance. The study is limited to March 2009 and May 2009 education graduates as respondents. There was an attempt to include all graduates but only 15 out of 23 were available at the time of data-gathering.

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Questionnaire was the main data-gathering instrument and interview was employed to validate some answers given in the questionnaire. Frequency count, percentage, weighted mean, and regression analyses were the statistical tools used in analyzing data-gathered. Majority of the LET passers are females, aged 21 , science and mathematics majors, presently employed as teachers. Majority got LET ratings of 77 in above in both general and professional education while college weighted average is 84 and above in both general and professional education.

The respondents acknowledged that the eight factors have contributed greatly in passing the LET with administrators getting the highest rank. The respondents commended the inspiring teachers but suggested the use of ore instructional materials to motivate learners. The profile variables of the respondents do not affect their perceptions as to what factors greatly contribute to their passing the LET. The College Weighted Average predicts the performance of the respondents in the board examination. I. Contributory Factors to the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Immaculate Conception A Research conducted by: Dr.

Milagros B. Cortez Dr. Rosalita M. Licup Background of the Study Second Semester, 2008-2009 II. Many private schools seek graduates of CIC to teach. However, CIC is now facing ifficulty in providing more licensed teachers due to varied factors. For quite sometimes, the college entrants for teacher education were becoming inferior in quality compared to other degree programs in the college which eventually lead to lower passing percentage in the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Every year, the result of the board examination is getting lower especially the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.

The problem is not only experienced at CIC but it is nationwide and even worldwide. Many countries tried ways to uplift teacher education because findings of studies revealed that poor academic erformance of the youths in the school are partly due to teacher factors. Most of these countries agreed to professionalization of teachers as an effective means to solve the problem. According to a report of a survey done in the US, teacher professionalization”the movement to upgrade the status, training, and working conditions of teachers”has received a great deal of interest in recent years.

This report is concerned with the effects of teacher professionalization on elementary and secondary teachers in the United States(Clabaugh and Rozycki, 1986). There is a general perception that there is a marked change in the context of ducation in general and teacher education in particular. In a world that increasingly values specialization, teachers were found to be lacking in expertise in their respective fields of specialization.

It is also recognized that there is a shift in educational emphasis from what to learn to how to learn brought about by an accelerating pace in the production of knowledge triggered by the intensifying and pervading scientific and technological revolution. But studies show that teachers do not have the appropriate learning tools such as communication, problem solving, and thinking skills to respond to such trends(Yeban,2002). Yeban (2002) continued that new imperatives are forcing teacher education institutions to re-visit and re-think their assumptions, theories, and practices about the kind of teachers that must be produced.

The current curriculum where the respondents of the study belong is deemed insufficient to address these concerns. Issues such as the growing gap between theory and practice, failure to make teachers reflective practitioners, overlapping of courses, and the need for teachers to be independent and scientific thinkers and research driven in their instruction are among the push factors that make revision of the current teacher ducation curriculum an urgent undertaking. In the Philippines , an attempt to address the problem was undertaken by concerned legislators.

The Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act, Republic Act No. 7836, was issued in 1994. The Literacy Co-ordination Council, an interagency body administratively attached to DECS, was created by Republic Act No. 7165 to carry out State policy to eradicate illiteracy. One of its functions is to adopt an adequate and effective system of incentives such as scholarship grants, loan programs, subsidies, stipends and other similar benefits and incentives, in order to attract and encourage utstanding high school graduates whether from public or private schools to pursue teacher education (Nolledo, 1995).

The above cited situations proved that the problem experienced by CIC-Teacher Education program is not an isolated case. Teachers teaching would be educators are continuously upgrading in terms of teaching proficiency. Education curricula were revised to suit the needs of the learners, and incentives were given to encourage above average students to enroll in teacher education. This problem became glaring when the attempt for the re-accreditation of the program was denied by the PAASCU ecause of the low board performance of the education graduates.

It was noted though that the passing percentage was pulled further down by the repeaters in the examination. Some takers who had graduated many years back, had failed, and without the school’s knowledge, took the licensure examination again without undergoing review. Hence, most of them would fail again. With this scenario, the accrediting agency and PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) give consideration to schools with such problem by presenting board results in two forms: total takers and first timers and repeaters.

In this scheme, the new graduates taking board examination will be identified thereby the school can determine the effect of the interventions done. To prove how the recent efforts of the school to upgrade teacher education and the conduct of in-house review, prompted the researchers to come up with the study. Ill. Statement of the Problem The researchers conducted this action research to determine the contributory factors to the performance of 2008 teacher education graduates in the recent Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Specifically, the researchers sought to answer the following questions: 1 . How may the profile of the LET passers be described in terms of: 1. age 2. gender 3. degree Program 4. major field of specialization 5. grade in LET in different areas, and 6. college average grade in areas specified in LET? 2. What is the perception of the LET passers on the contributing factors that led them to pass the board examination? 3. What are the comments and suggestions of the respondents regarding the curriculum of Education at CIC? 4.

Is there significant relationship between the perceived contributory factors and selected profile variables of the respondents? 5. Is there significant elationship between LET rating and the pre board exam result and the college average grades? Hypotheses of the Study The following hypotheses were formulated to be proven by the researchers in the study: 1. There is no significant relationship between the perceived contributory factors and selected profile variables of the respondents. 2. There is no significant relationship between LET rating and the pre board exam result and the college average grades?

IV. Methodology The respondents of the study were the June 2008 LET passers who graduated March and May 2008 in the BEED and BSEd programs. The researchers attempted to have total enumeration of the graduates and LET passers as respondents of the study. However, the LET passers who attended the “Tribute to Board Passers” were few and some were contacted through referrals of other passers. Out of the 15 BEED passers, only 10 were contacted as respondents while among the BSED passers, only 5 responded out of 8 LET passers.

The study utilized the descriptive method of research using survey questionnaires and documentary analyses in data gathering. The survey questionnaire had three parts: Part I is the profile of the respondents which is a upply type of questions; Part II is about the perception of the LET passers on the contributory factors that led to passing the board examination; and Part Ill is about the comments and suggestions that the respondents gave regarding the Education curriculum. The first two parts were in the form of Likert scale with five options.

The scale and corresponding meaning are given below: Rating Verbal Description 5 4 3 2 Affected to the greatest extent Affected to a greater extent Affected to a great extent Affected to an Extent Affected to a least extent Documentary analyses were done to gather the average grades in college, oard ratings and pre-board examination results of the respondents. The LET ratings was requested from PRC by the School’s Registrar and the same office furnished the researchers with the average grades of the respondents during college.

The statistical treatments used were: frequency count, percentage, weighted mean and multiple linear regression analysis and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The Phstat software used with the excel program was utilized to compute multiple linear regression analysis and ANOVA. V. FINDINGS 1. PROFILE OF THE RESPONDENTS Table 1 Age of the Respondents I Age 15 153. 33 I I Total 33. 33 1122 15 1 121 | 100 18 | 13. 33 Ages of the respondents range from 20 to 22. There are 5 or 33. 33% whose ages are 20, there are 8 or 53. 3% whose ages are 21 , and there are only 2 or 13. 33% whose ages are 22. This implies that the board takers are young and are of typical age for new graduates. Gender. Table 2 Gender of the Respondents I Gender 13 180 If 120 1% I IFemale I I Male 112 1100 There are 12 respondents or 80% who are females and 3 or 20% who are males. The gender of the respondents is typical of the teaching population in the Philippines. It is commonly observed that in most schools, majority of teachers re females. As to majors or major field of Specialization.

Table 3 Majors or Major Filed of Specialization of the Respondents I Major Science I Filipino I Mathematics 40 10 100 I BSED II I IMAPEH I I English I Total 160 I BEED 14 140 Table 3 shows the majors or major field of specialization of the respondents. Among the BSED respondents, 3 or 60% are Science majors while the Mathematics and Filipino majors are one or 20% each. Among the BEED respondents, those who have specialization in Mathematics and Science have equal numbers of 4 or 40% each and the other 2 respondents are MAPEH and English major comprising 10% each.

The findings imply that majority of the BSED respondents are Science majors and among the BEED respondents, majority are Science and Mathematics majors. This is a manifestation that since majority of the graduates are Science and Mathematics majors, then it is expected that majority of passers are of these majors. Among Science and Mathematics board takers, more than 50% passed while in Math majors in BEED program 100% passed. Employment Status Table 4 Employment Status of the Respondents I Status Employed Unemployed Total 110 | 66. 67 133. 33 Regarding employment status, 10 or 66. 7% are already employed while 5 or 33. 3% are still unemployed at the time of the survey. The finding implies that CIC graduates are employable because majority of the respondents are already employed even if they are not yet LET passers. An interview was done to those who were not yet employed: one said, “My parents wanted me to concentrate on my review’; another said, “l just don’t like to work for a while. ” Grade in LET in different areas Table 5 Grades of the Respondents in the Licensure Examination for Teachers in the Area of General and Professional Education I Scores BSED IGen.

Ed to pass the examination I BE-ED I I The courses are enough to prepare me 4. 4 I Contributed to a greater extent meaningful learning I extent to the whole person I I The courses are well-arranged to facilitate easy but 14. 4 IContributed to a greater I IEvery course in the curriculum contributes 14. 07 [Contributed to a greater I I It developed us to be a well-rounded 14. 53 I It provides skills necessary for future teachers I Contributed to the greatest 14. 27 I I It gives adequate opportunities to develop moral values and positive attitudes 14. 7 I Contributed to the greatest I I expected in specialization comprehensive I Major courses are adequate to what is 14. 0 The major courses have greatly expanded knowledge 14. 47 I Contributed to a greater I I The major courses provides depth and | 4. 43 I I Average Weighted Mean 4. 38 Table 7 shows the perception of the respondents regarding curriculum as contributory factor to passing board examination. It is shown that highest weighted mean OF 4. 87 interpreted as “Contributed to the greatest extent” was obtained by Item 6, “It gives adequate opportunities to develop moral values and positive attitudes. The low weighted means of 4. 0 and 4. 07 both interpreted as “Affected to the greater extent” were obtained by Items 7 and 3, “Major courses re adequate to what is expected” and “Every course in the curriculum contributes to the whole,” respectively. Over-all, the weighted mean is 4. 38 interpreted as “Affected to the greater extent. ” The findings imply that the respondents’ belief in CICs core value of Christ-centeredness is very strong as manifested by the moral values and positive attitudes they developed while at the school.

Practicum Table 8 Perception on Practicum as Contributory Factor to Passing LET Examination I Item Statement I Verbal Description learning experience of the profession Weighted Mean | 1. The Practicum offers great opportunity for 4. 67 2. The practicum area offers needed I Affected to a greater extent 1 13. The practicum provides adequate experience in the area of specialization I Affected to the greatest extentl 4. The practicum supervisor is helpful and supportive IAffected to the greatest extent 1 15. The cooperating teachers are helpful and encouraging.


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