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Conventions in Cry Wolf

In the film “Cry wolf” directed by Jeff Wadlow in 2005, a convention used within film is the final girl. The Final girl is the character alive in a slasher film to confront the killer and is then left to tell the story. The final girl is typically sexually unavailable or virginal, avoiding the vices of the victims. She occasionally has a unisex name and will have a shared history with the killer. The final girl is the “investigating consciousness” of the film, moving the narrative forward and as such, she exhibits intelligence, curiosity, and vigilance.

Although the characteristics of a final girl are used in the film, the character is played by a young teenage boy. This is evidence of post modernism used within the film. The role of the final girl is played by Owen Mathews. Owen is a British immigrant who arrives at Westlake Preparatory Academy. Owen is conservative but also has a past of breaking the law. This is also more evidence of post modernism within the film, showing that people can go down different paths and playing with the rules of the original idea of final girl characteristics. Although Owen is troubled, the audience still looks at him as the good guy. He is constantly ignored and failed by his father who constantly seems to avoid contact with him. This is a common case for final girls in slasher films. Owen makes new friends at his school who introduce him to a world of sneaking out and manipulating one another. Owen does not choose to manipulate his friends or betray them although they could not care less because they find it entertaining. Once the group create a murder story and spread it around the school rumor fly and pranks are pulled.

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Suddenly this murder story becomes a reality when the masked killer ends up being one of them, Dodger. She knows all her friends well enough to realize how each of them would set each other up. Once everybody fakes their deaths Dodger ultimately sets Owen up into thinking that it…


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