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Cool Hand Luke

There are some times in a person’s life when they must stop following the rules and start challenging authority.In the film Cool Hand Luke, LUke challenges the Captain by continuously running away for the chain gang.In my case I challenged authority by disobeying my mother in every way possible.
In September of last year I decided I didn’t want to live by the rules my mother forced upon me.I would never come home when she told me to, I never went to school when she told me to, and I pretty much ignored the fact that I had to obey her.My mother and I had ” a failure to communicate”.She wanted one thing and I wanted something else.Finally, my mother got sick of the stress that I brought her, so she sent me away to live with my brother.This is my punishment for disobeying her the way that I did.I have been living here for four months, and I think I have learned my lesson.Things are better now between me and my mother and she is letting me move back home after I graduate.
In my case I lucked out, I am getting a second chance but in Luke’s case he wasn’t so lucky.He ran away again and got shot and killed by the Captain.I guess some times it isn’t so great to challenge authority.


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