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Corruption in The Pearl

The Pearl is a book full of corruption and cheats. The Pearl is written by John Steinbeck. Corruption is a departure from what is morally correct or pure by means of material wealth or possessions. The Pearl , by John Steinbeck, is a book of corrution because Kino won't let go of the evil pearl, the doctor won't heal with out a lot of money, and the pearl buyers are cheats.
Kino refuses to let go of the pearl that he knows is evil. For example, "No, I will fight this thing. I will win over it. We will have our chance".(Steinbeck 57) Juana is warning him, but Kino refuses to listen. Kino is already becoming corrupt. In addition, "No one will take out good fortune from us".(Steinbeck 57) Kino isdetermined to keep a hold of the pearl, no matter what happens. Kino is becoming selfish and greedy in his ways. Kino is corrupted by the wealth that the pearl will bring.
The doctor in the town won't cure the sick baby. For example, "You have a pearl? A good Pearl?"(Steinbeck 35) The doctor acts as if he doesn't know about the pearl. He knows what is doing and continues to cheat them. In addition, "I had not heard of it. Do you keep this pearl in a safe place? Would you like me to putit in my safe?".(Steinbeck 35) The doctor wants to put it in his safe for him to keep. He thinks they're stupid enough to fall for his trickery. The doctor is corrupt. He wants nothing but money and won't work with out a lot of it.
The pearl buyers are cheats. For example, "…I'm only an appraiser. Ask the others…"(Steinbeck 50) The pearl buyers all work for the same person. They will give the same answers because they are all in it together. In addition, "..This pearl-it is a monstrosity".(Steinbeck 51) Each pearl buyer said the same thing about the pearl. They were trying to cheat Kino out of his money by saying it was worthless. The pearl buyers are co


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