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Count of Monte Cristo

There are many subplots involving The Count of Monte
Cristo’s adversaries.Thefirst one started out in Rome where the
count met two young men, Albert de Morcerf and Franz d’Epinay.
The Count became a great friend to the two young men and even
saved Albert’s life when the “Italian bandit,” Luigi Vampa,
captured him.Luckily Vampa was a loyal friend to the count and
obeyed his command to release Albert.Albert eventually
introduced the count to Paris society and to his many friends.
The next subplot was when The Count of Monte Cristo
bought the house in Auteuil.His servant Bertuccio had a history
with that house that involved Monsieur de Villefort.He later told
that story to the count and introduced Benedetto, which later
became Andrea Cavalcanti.Benedetto was the son of Villefort
and Madame Danglars, which was presumed dead and was burried
and left to die if Bertuccio did not dig the baby up.Benedetto
later led a life of crime and left Bertuccio, who raised him.
The next subplot was when Benedetto was introduced to the
Count of Monte Cristo as Andrea Cavalcanti.He took on this role
and was given a fake father.Andrea then became the good friend
of the count’s, mainly because the count was to supply him with a
The next subplot was when the count created the false
telegram that “King Don Carlos escaped the vigilance excercised
over him in Bourges and has returned to Spain across the
Catalonian frontier.”This caused many people to sell their
Spanish bonds, including Baron Danglars, and to lose a lot of
The next subplot is when The Count of Monte Cristo invited
all of his “friends” to the country house he bought in Auteuil.This
house haunted two guests, Monsieur de Villefort and Madame
Danglars because this was the house which Madame Danglars
gave birth to Benedetto and where Villefort barried him.The
count showed the guests t…


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