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Crime against Criminals

A Cult Icon – Mark'Chopper' Read
Mark'Chopper' Read is a renowned criminal from Australia. He is a notorious career criminal, arsonist, bully, extortionist, murderer. He is now a novelist with ten best selling books depicting his criminal acts, has had a movie based on his life, starred in television commercials and written 3 children's books. So why do people respect and admire the man?
Personally, having seen the film and read a few of his books, it is easy he is a likeable character, he stories are amusing, his sense of innocent blunt writing tells you a lot about him and allows you to almost befriend him, but you are left thinking what if there is two sides to the coin? He could portray his life of crime in a sense of fun but he can also choose to neglect his more serious or frowned upon crimes he may have committed. Even still the'Chopper' fan club has been around for along time now, before hisfirst book was even published so there must be more to the reasoning of why after all the crimes he has committed he is still an icon?
I think his victims and morals have a lot to do with the admiration of'Chopper', his morals are pretty much that of the average person. He is believes on only extorting drug dealers, his premise is that they are getting a lot of money for causing the country harm so if he cant stop them then he will take a percentage of what they have got. His murder case was against a member of a thug motorbike gang that terrorized locals, even though there was insufficient proof he still was charged.'Chopper' believes that it is unfair for innocent people to suffer from crime, he is against drugs and dealers thinking they are the lowest form of life because they target kids for money, he claims to have never taken advantage of anybody innocent. So therefore he is represented as someone who is committing crime but ye


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