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Crime and punishment

Crime and Punishment

In the classic novel "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, a young man by the name of Raskolnikov is a prideful and poor student who believes he is superior to his peers in every way.Because of this belief, he uses everyone he knows for self-gain.After he commits the murders he is overcome with guilt, paranoia and complete mental torture.
The novel begins with Raskolnikov sneaking out the door of his apartment building trying to avoid his landlady because of his overdue rent.He is a handsome, proud and intelligent young man who is dressed in rags.He walks down the street to the apartment of an old pawnbroker, Aloyna Ivanovna.He pawns a watch and when she goes to get the money he pays close attention to which key she uses and where the safe box is.Up until this point Raskolnikov has never had the thought of murdering Aloyna but when this thought enters his mind he is scared so he quickly gets rid of it.Again the thought enters his mind and it becomes more appealing.
The next day Raskolnikov goes to a tavern and overhears a student talking about how society would be better off if the old pawnbroker was dead.Raskolnikov also hears that the old lady will be alone that night so he begins making preparations to carry out his plan.He takes an axe from the porter's room, gets a block of wood and wraps it so that it would take quite a bit of effort to open.When he goes to Aloyna's apartment that night he stands at her door and rings the bell.It takes her a minute to answer and she does so very cautiously.Raskolnikov advances into her home frightening Aloyna until he explains that he is only there to give her the cigarette box he promised her.She takes the box and begins to unwrap it, struggling to open it she turns around giving Raskolnikov the perfect opportunity to execute his plan.He reaches into his coat and grips the axe.His nerves on the brink of a mel…