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Crime and Punishment

Throughout the novel ,Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky conveys symbols of Christianity by his characters words, actions, and feelings.Dostoyevsky portrays to the reader a feeling of confusion and depression as all of the events occur throughout the novel.The majority of the characters have some Christian symbol that they stand for.
Almost all characters in this novel are portrayed from a Biblical perspective, one of thefirst of these is Marmeladov.Marmeladov actually says "I ought to be crucified, crucified on a cross, and not pitied!"This quote displays the fact that Dostoyevsky is using the history of Christianity to portray to his readers what really would have happened in St. Petersburg.Since many people are familiar with the history of Christianity this was an affirmative action of Dostoyevsky's novel, the reader can actually understand what the characters are going through.Right after Raskolnikov commits the murder of the lady he wakes up and wants to go and confess.Before doing so though he decides to pray, however when Raskolnikov wants to pray he cannot go through with it.This shows the seperation Raskolnikov has with Christ at the moment, and the so called "christ-figure" of the book has yet to truly be revealed.Raskolnikov is almost sick with sin, he does not want to get out of bed or do anything because he is amazed at all that he is doing, and he realizes that his plan perhaps could be back-firing on him.Once Sonya and Raskolnikov began to talk the reader establishes an immediate emotional connection between then two.When her father dies and Raskolnikov sacrifices his money for the funeral, money that he himself desperately needs.All of this begins to reveal Sonya as the Christ-figure of the novel.
Sonya is Raskolnikov's Savior and this is made very evident in the Sixth part of the book.When Raskolnikov is at the verge of admitting to the police what h…


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